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NAICU Secretariat 

The NAICU Secretariat consists of 29 members representing the many regional and special-purpose independent college and university associations.  Secretariat members serve on NAICU's policy committees and the board. The Secretariat is comprised of many different faith-based associations, women’s colleges, work colleges, colleges of art and design, medical specialty, and regional groups such as the Great Lakes, Midwest, South, and Appalachia.  The Secretariat members range from large associations, like the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities with over 180 member institutions, to the very small, such as the Work Colleges Consortium with seven member institutions. 

NAICU's Secretariat members and colleges represent the heart of the diversity of the NAICU membership. NAICU relies on its Secretariat members during federal advocacy efforts on key bills before Congress.  

NAICU's Secretariat members and campuses admit a large percentage of minorities, first-generation students, and a significant amount of Pell recipients.  The Secretariat members are both strong and vulnerable, and the entire NAICU membership benefits from their participation and partnership.  [MXFindSecretariat1] Error loading user control: Could not load type 'Protech.MX.Controls.Global.Find'.
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